Performigrations: People Are the Territory

PERFORMIGRATIONS is a collective of nine artists whose practices address homelessness and youth, migratory domestic labour, food commercialization and cultures, musical expressions of memory and place, queer kinship and intergenerationality. Contemplations of migration and identity are of crucial importance in our increasingly mobile global society. This project will illuminate such concerns while generating intriguing new approaches to collaborative art-making and research.

PERFORMIGRATIONS is a fluid and mobile exhibition funded by the European Union, that is traveling throughout cities across Canada and Europe in 2015. The work continues to evolve as it moves, with each venue featuring a different collection of individual and collaborative,  networked installations and performances.

The exhibition will open in Montreal in April 2015.

On 25 April 2015, at 5:30pm
I will present a new work, Cloudberry Connections
at Hotel 10, Salon Saint-Laurent, 
as part of the Blue Metropolis Literary Festival.

Cloudberry Connections is a free, one-hour storytelling performance, featuring video, photos and audio recordings from my fieldwork on Quebec's Lower North Shore.

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